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About Us dolan ijen tour

Dolan ijen tour is a local travel agency company that covers several regions in Indonesia and our company is a subsidiary of PT. HARRIS IJEN JAYA MANDIRI, which is the Dolan ijen tour company, among several service provider companies like other travel agency companies. 

Our company provides

 several types of tourism services such as city tours, cross-city or province tours, volcano climbing tours on the islands of Java and Bali and the island of Lombok, namely several volcanoes such as: Mount Semeru, Mount Merapi, Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, Mount Raung, Mount Rinjani,

 as well as other adventure tourism 

trips such as touring national parks such as Baluran National Park, Merubetiri National Park, Sukamade Turtle Beach, Alas Purwo National Park, car rental, car and bus rental for group travel types, transportation private, motorbike rental, as well as private transportation services as well as booking train tickets and bus tickets and ferry tickets for Bali and Lombok in accordance with the services we offer as well as booking hotels, homestays, guesthouses, resorts etc.

The following is the location of our office 

where our company still has 1 office with Harris Ijen Tour and Travel

Bali branch office