Cancellation policy - Dolan Ijen Tour

Cancellation policy

 Regarding the cancellation policy 

Regarding the cancellation policy of the Ijen Tour company management regarding matters that are often asked by guests, we will discuss this time regarding our cancellation policy. For reservations Tour packages usually have to be canceled for some reason by our guests.

What if we cancel the tour booking?

 Regarding cancellations, there are several types of cancellations which we will discuss regarding booking tour packages that have already made a down payment For the down payment for booking a tour package, it is used by us to guarantee the booking with us. And if If cancellation is 

  1. made one month before arrival, 80% of the full payment will be refunded From the bill amount, either pay us in full or pay a down payment first.
  2. For cancellations one week before arrival, we will only refund 50% of the amount of payment received minus fees 
  3. For cancellations 3 days to 1 day before arrival, 100% non-refundable funds will be requested.

How to make a safe order and payment to us?

To make safe payments to us and free of cancellation, there are several ways that we recommend to you as the management of the Ijen Tour, as follows:
  1. Consult your booking with us in advance about your travel needs
  2. If it is considered certain and your needs are in accordance with what we have explained, then you can make a down payment first and you can pay the rest. After meeting with our team.
  3. The amount of the down payment is 30% to 100% of the bill amount in the billing invoice

What if something unexpected happens is a cancellation refund 100% acceptable?

Regarding things that occur that are unexpected in ordering tour packages to us, we provide several other alternatives if later In the middle of the trip, things happened beyond our control, such as landslides, natural disasters and so on, for that we cannot return 100% payment because it happened.As a result of nature, we can return 30% of the amount