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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) dOLAN IJEN TOUR .

REGARDING several questions that are often asked by some of our guests, we will summarize them into one some summaries that we will mention one by one so that there is no miss communication between us and you, our guests who use our services, especially the dolan  Ijen tour .

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) dOLAN IJEN TOUR .

What is the Dolan Ijen tour company?

Dolan Ijen tour is a travel agency company under the auspices of Harris Ijen tour and travel which is registered with the Indonesian culture and tourism government under the name PT Harris Jaya Mandiri with registration number :  2910220013015  To see in detail the company profile and legality of our company, you can see here...

Who is the owner of the Dolan Ijen tour company?

The Ijen tour company is a company founded by Muhamad Abdul Haris, S.H dan NURINA YULIANA,S.H  where we are both siblings who have liked tourism work since they were still relatively young so this company is owned by both of them which was obtained from their father both of us since we were still teenagers.

Dolan Ijen tour company

When was this company founded and where is its office located?

This company was established from 2009 until now and this company is located in our main office : Jl. Kenjo Glondok No.06D, RT. 001/RW. 001, Glandok
LICIN ,BANYUWANGI,68454.This company is located or has the same office as Harris Ijen tour and travel because the Dolan Ijen tour company is the same company under the auspices of PT Harris Ijen Jaya Mandiri.

How do I contact Dolan Ijen Tour?

To contact us, you can contact your person in charge Which is below and you can follow our social media like our YouTube channel, Twitter ,Pinterest, Facebook page,Linkedin , Instagram Or you can send a message to our official email, namely info@dolanijentour.com ,Call or whatsapp  +6281249949035 (Haris)
,Wechat ID : @harrisijen .

What services can be provided by Dolan Ijen Tour?

Our company provides services Arranging tour packages, especially volcano climbing tours in East Java, such as Mount Bromo, Mount Ijen, Mount Raung, Mount Semeru and several other tourist attractions. Located in East Java and Central Java along with Bali like the tumpakSewu waterfall .Madakaripura waterfall, sukamade turtle beach, baluran national park, guide tour, night tour, multi day tour ordering bus tickets, private transportation rentals, tour packages for families, honeymooners, groups and others.